Internet Promotion


What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the development and promotion of the website in order to boost its position in the results of search engines. Consequently the amounts of views and visits of the website increase.

We offer SEO for websites that are:

  • New and need to increase visits
  • Renewed/rebranded and need the target audience to be informed
  • Too “heavy” in the content placement and need to be optimized
  • Have too difficult of a structure
  • Have not optimal codes of the pages

The rules for the results of search requests are set by the search engines. And although the new and updated algorithms stay hidden, the specialists know, which factors have the most importance.

For the promotion and overall effectiveness of the work of the website, the user behavior, comfortability of the interface and the speed of the website load is extremely important. And with the updates and complications of search engines, these factors become only more important, which makes the results of search qualitative.

The search engines try to provide the users with the most interesting information for their request, so the website must consist of the best information to be offered to the viewer. And if it works today it doesn’t mean that it will tomorrow. Services change all the time and with them the approaches must change as well.

SEO is essential for any company with the aim of increasing online sales, website traffic, online visibility, comfortability of user experience. This is a monthly service, with the advisable minimum time frame of 3 months.