Internet Promotion


What is  MediaPlanning?

MediaPlanning is the process of the planning the campaign itself.

At this point of strategic marketing the key platforms are already selected and the amounts of units and creatives for each one must be destributed. The MediaPlanner must calculate what portion of the audience that can be reached through ads, how frequently should the ads appear and what is the optimal budget to spend in each period. A custom MediaPlan is developed for each campaign using the information detected previously.

MediaPlanning is a strategical process, implemented using different technical tools with the consideration of marketing goals of the campaign, the available traffic, the platform theme/content and other details.

During this process we combine the information selected while MediaBuying and mix it with our platforms. We use our own, exclusive Agency Network of non-standard placements to create the most effective MediaPlan possible. Our Network consists of a great amount of placement types and grows on a daily basis in impressions and formats. The most popular formats in the Agency Network are:

  • Catfish
  • Native top/inpage
  • Fullscreen banner
  • Fullscreen video
  • Fullscreen mosaic

These are top formats of the international market, brought to Armenia exclusively by Media Systems. While implementing MediaPlanning we prefer using a mix of standard and non-standard placements on local and international platforms to have maximum coverage and reach for the campaign.

This is a monthly service, the advisable minimum time frame varies for different clients (according to the advertising goals, the type of the product, the type of the placements selected etc.).