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Post campaign analysis

The process of setting up, brainstorming, planning and ultimately delivering an advertising campaign is an exhausting, challenging yet very fun and extremely rewarding process, especially once the campaign goes live and you can witness firsthand the fruits of your labor. However, every advertising campaign must at some point come to an end and there is always one final step in the process: the post-campaign analysis (PCA).

Every company, brand or agency will approach the end of a campaign differently, with some going into detail and others taking a much broader view. However, whilst ad campaigns can be quite simple and straightforward, perhaps with maybe just one or two channels, others may be more complex and multifaceted. Therefore, we believe it’s always best to err on the side of detail so that you can get a true picture of how different elements of a campaign performed in the context of the overall campaign objective.

The main advantages of running a PCA include:

  • Understand what elements of the campaign worked well/ not so well
  • Learn how the target audience responded to the campaign
  • Review ultimate effectiveness of the campaign versus objectives
  • Discuss the campaign with key stakeholders
  • Provide valuable learnings for future campaigns

Key steps and components:

  • Review the campaign’s strategy and objectives
  • Overview of the campaign’s creative approach
  • Break down results by channel
  • Provide key take-outs
  • Recommendations for next steps

The things to analyze for creating a plan to make future campaigns even better:

  • Analyze your current campaign and compare it with industry campaigns
  • Analyze your mistakes and ensure you do not repeat them
  • Analyze your wins and take note on the way to repeat it